• Health

    The KFPD provides assistance for persons with disabilities to lead a
    healthy social life and a comfortable daily life by preventing physical and
    mental difficulties from infringing upon their personal dignity.

  • Education

    The KFPD broadens employment prospects for people with disabilities by
    developing their educational, learning and vocational capacities and
    provides a foothold for them to grow as an expert in various areas in
    order to empower them to become truly independent members of their
    local community.

  • Culture

    The KFPD provides persons with disabilities with the opportunity to enjoy
    recreational pastimes, artistic activities and hobbies as part of an
    enriching life by supporting them with cultural leisure programs including
    performances, exhibitions and lectures.

  • Social Environment

    The KFPD pursues social change for the safe and healthy life of persons
    with disabilities by addressing exacerbated problems in everyday life within
    the social, living, domestic, and residential environments.

  • Improvement of Awareness

    The KFPD contributes to an integrated society that brings together both
    people with and without disabilities by fostering a sound understanding of
    disabilities and people with disabilities, breaking preconceptions and
    negative prejudices while promoting awareness and empathy towards disabilities.

  • Emergency Aid

    The KFPD aids families with members with disabilities in terms of medical
    expenses, daily necessities and improvement of their residential
    environment, thereby facilitating their rapid return to normal life in the
    event of an emergency such as natural and social disasters.

  • Policy Research

    The KFPD performs policy research with the aim to offer comprehensive
    and medium-to-long-term strategies and policy plans on pending issues
    in welfare for persons with disabilities. The KFPD also carries out policy
    research on various subjects and builds research and statistical data in
    accordance with the changing macro-level environment.

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