Foundation Introduction

The First Specialized, Privately-operated Public Foundation for Persons with Disabilities in Korea

The KFPD seeks to eliminate discrimination based on disabilities and supports sustainable activities to improve social inclusion and human rights for persons with disabilities.
The KFPD was established to contribute to creating a continuously growing community where diversity is respected and the spirit of sharing is alive and well.

Management Philosophy

The KFPD strives to build a society where diversity is a strength and
person-centered values are universal.

Law and Regulations for Incorporation

Article 32 of Civil Act and Article 4 of Rules on Incorporation and Supervision of Non-Profit Corporations Under the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Its Subordinate Agencies

  • Mission

    A beautiful society where
    differences are embraced in harmony

  • Vision

    Specialized foundation for public interest
    that advocates for the full social participation of persons with disabilities

  • Slogan

    Disability can be a strength!
    We are all different and disability is just one of many differences. Our differences can be our strength.

Main Principle and Promotion Strategy

  • Pursuing Sustainable Development

    The KFPD seeks to establish a support system that strives for the sustainable growth and development of persons with disabilities and organizations for persons with disabilities.

    • Building a leading support system that aids the growth of persons with disabilities and organizations for persons with disabilities
    • Providing customized services to persons with disabilities who are in a welfare dead zone
    • Discovering persons with disabilities with potential and establishing positive links with organizations for persons with disabilities
  • Improving Awareness Qualitatively

    The KFPD expands channels for improving awareness to create a society where people with and without disabilities coexist.

    • Producing content to improve awareness towards respecting and accommodating each other’s differences
    • Engaging in awareness-raising activities that are open to everyone
    • Expanding channels to raise awareness by establishing various cooperative relationships
  • Spreading the Value and Joy of Donating

    The KFPD fosters a donation culture that allows participants to experience the value and joy of donating and encourages their participation.

    • Establishing bonds of trust with donors through sound communication and mutual understanding
    • Producing a precious donation culture that citizens can access in various ways
    • Supporting a sustainable community through partnership between companies and organizations
  • Pioneering a New Paradigm for Disabilities

    The KFPD is leading a paradigm shift in the recognition of disabilities from a new and multifaceted perspective.

    • Setting new disability policy trends in line with tech literacy
    • Building a database capable of defining and studying disabilities in new ways
    • Performing research on disabilities from a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Enhancing Socially Responsible Management

    The KFPD is reinforcing a transparent management system capable of actively handling social changes.

    • Planning long-term financial operation to create the environment for stable allocation
    • Enhancing the transparency of the organization by publicizing the decision-making process
    • Increasing work efficiency by building a digital foundation


  • 01We will be trustworthy allies of persons with disabilities.
  • 02We will be an honest and trustworthy foundation.
  • 03We will not cease to learn and always strive to do our best.
  • 04We will communicate with an open mind.
  • 05We will serve as a stepping stone that brings hope through sharing for all members of our society.


Our logo consists of an image of two people leaning on each other, which symbolizes the advancement toward a better society through solidarity and harmony, regardless of whether a person has disabilities or not.


  • 2023~2020

    Provided relief funds for fire damages in Guryong Village

    Released a research report on current states and operations of organizations for persons with disabilities

    Provided relief funds and daily necessities for flood damages in Chungcheong Province

    Provided costs to transport the body of a Korean-Russian victim of the Itaewon tragedy

    Published research findings on current states and awareness of software education for students with disabilities

    Distributed Covid-19 prevention kits

  • 2019~2016

    Conducted the donation campaign “Just Fine”

    Provided relief funds for earthquake damages in Iran and Pohang, South Korea

    Provided relief funds for flood damages in Sri Lanka

    Received the “Citation for Merit in ICT Standardization” from the National Radio Research Agency at the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

    Won the grand prize for the 15th Global Standard Management Awards

    Won the special prize for the “Corporate Social Responsibility Awards” hosted by DigitalChosun

  • 2015~2012

    Published a Sustainability Report

    Appointed actress Lee Young-ae as the head consultant

    Inaugurated Lee Seong-gyu as the third Foundation Chairperson

    Appointed entertainer Ahn Sun-young as an honorary ambassador

    Won the grand prize for the fifth Samil Transparency Awards

    Received Sharing Fund from Prime Minister Chung Hong-won

    Inaugurated Lee Chae-pil as the second Foundation Chairperson

  • 2011~2004

    Concluded an agreement with SK Securities Co., Ltd. about “1% Happiness Sharing Fund” through CMA

    Launched a sharing relay titled “Hub-Ring Campaign, Sharing You!”

    Held a celebration titled “A 20-year-old’s Portrait Drawn by Five Fingers” to mark the fifth anniversary of the Foundation’s establishment

    Joined a session of the Ad Hoc Committee under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    Inaugurated Song Yeong-uk as the first Foundation Chairperson

    The Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities registered its incorporation.

    Organized the board of directors

Charter of Ethics

The Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities (hereinafter referred to as “the Foundation”) exists to create “a society where disabilities are not a barrier” with the aim of ensuring complete social inclusion and equal opportunity for persons with disabilities. The Foundation supports the activities of organizations for persons with disabilities that seek to promote their human rights and freedoms while eliminating all types of discrimination and oppression based on disabilities. Beyond simply raising funds for the Foundation, its fundraising activities are also expected to derive public awareness and participation regarding the human rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities. The Foundation equally and effectively manages, operates and uses its financial resources, consisting of public donations and welfare funds for persons with disabilities.

  • 01

    We will work on our projects impartially and sincerely by fostering a deep understanding of the mission and goals of the Foundation and fulfilling the Charter of Ethics.

  • 02

    We will raise funds through voluntary donation by citizens, protect personal information and respect the intention of donors.

  • 03

    We will do our best to make sure that the demand for aid allocation be met equally and respect the beneficiary.

  • 04

    We will attempt to create organizational culture where individuals and the organization develop in tandem so that all employees and managers can take pride in the Foundation.

  • 05

    We will pursue public value and interest and contribute to social advancement based on citizens’ trust.

Charter of Donor Rights

The KFPD appreciates the precious donations of all who placed their goodwill into practice as a way to create beautiful changes in our society through the KFPD, and declares that donors have the following rights.

  • 01

    Regardless of the amount and purpose of donations, donors have the right to be appreciated and treated respectfully for the act of donating.

  • 02

    Donors have the right to be informed about the Foundation’s mission and vision and to verify whether donations will be used effectively according to operation plans.

  • 03

    Donors can designate where and for what purpose donations should be used, and have the right to see if they are used for their original purpose.

  • 04

    Donors can freely inquire with the Foundation as to their donation and have the right to a prompt and frank response.

  • 05

    We may share news about donations within the Foundation or to the public in good part, but if the donor refuses such publicity, we will honor their wishes.

  • 06

    Donors have the right to know the identity of the person in charge of managing donations at the Foundation.

  • 07

    All donors have the right to check whether all data related to their donation are managed in a careful and proper manner.

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Won the grand prize for the 5th Samil Transparency Awards

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